Making a difference one home at a time

Nice to meet you

I am the owner and operator of In Alignment Home Cleaning. My name is Jordan Howell. I am a Bloomington, IN native and feel very proud of my hometown. I am a mother of two and have two cats. I love dancing, crafts, yoga, trying new foods and being outside. I attended Ivy Tech for Early Childhood Education which led me to working in several childcare centers. I have also worked in kitchens and done lawn care. In addition, I have done projects for friends and family helping them reorganize and clean their cabinets, bedrooms, and other areas of their homes. I love surprising people with dramatic results and it’s a wonderful feeling. I knew it was time for me to start a project of my very own. Something I could be proud of. That is why In Alignment Home Cleaning exists.

What does it mean to be "in alignment"? We are living in alignment when we are behaving in a way that aligns with our values, beliefs, and intentions. When we do this, a sense of harmony is felt. Eating cleanly, exercising, and coming home to a clean environment all contribute to a feeling of harmony in our lives. I will help with the cleaning.

In Alignment Home Cleaning is my passion project and my way of living in alignment with my values. I am one woman with a desire to make a difference in people’s lives. My goal is to clean your home from top to bottom and make sure you feel relieved when you walk through your front door at the end of the day.

My mission

I believe that everyone should be able to come home to a space that makes them feel good. I'd love to help you get your space feeling the way you want it!

Flexible and accommodating

Whether you have 5 kids or 5 pets, I will work with you one on one to come up with a game plan to get your home clean. I am very easy to talk to and love that every home will have a personality of it's very own. Open communication is key.